1. What is Brisbane Cash Loans?

We are online loan mediators. We bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers. We are ready to provide you assistance in finding the most suitable loan offer. We are linked with a panel of lenders who specialize in offering cash loans to borrowers like you, if requirements are matched. You can find us at your services round the clock.

2. Are you a direct lender?

No, Brisbane Cash Loans is not a lender. We provide loan finding service. We work with efficient and trusted lenders who arrange loans for borrowers. Our job is to help borrowers get in touch with the right lender who can fulfill his or her requirements. We also facilitate the borrower to calculate the total cost of borrowing using various online tools, available at our website.

3. What should I do if I need additional information about Brisbane Cash Loans?

If you want to ask us anything then you can directly write to us. Just fill out the online contact form and forward it to us. We will do the needful to resolve your issue within shortest possible time. We will reply you back once we find a solution to your problem.

4. Is it necessary to register for your service?

Yes, if you want to make the most out of our services then you must register for our services. You can utilize our loan comparison facilities once registered. Subscribe for our services simply by sending us few correct details via the online registration form. Within short while we will respond you back about status of your registration.

5. Do you charge fees for your services?

No, our services are completely free of charges. You can avail our services without meeting any fees. We don't charge application and processing fees.

6. Am I eligible?

Anyone who is 18 years old, is permanent resident of Australia, earns fixed monthly income and holds an active account in some reputed bank is considered eligible to register for our services.

7. What if I have bad credits?

Your credit history is not important for us. We need not have to check your credit scores. So, you can register with us irrespective of your credit status.

Rates & Costs

Small Personal Loans ($300- $2000)

An upfront 20% establishment fee of total loan amount + 4% Monthly Interest, No Annual Interest Rates

Example: You Borrow - AU$500 For 5 Months, You Pay - AU$720 ($100 (20% Establishment Fee)+ $120(4% Monthly Interest)

Maximum Representative APR 199.9%

Loan Terms: Minimum 3 Months - Maximum 12 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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Medium Personal Loans ($2001- $4600)

**Security may be required for these secured loans.

An upfront $400 establishment fee + Maximum 48% Annual Rates

Example: You Borrow - $2300 For 14 Months, You Pay - Approx. $2794

($400 one-off establishment fee + $49.88 weekly Repayment)

Loan Terms: Minimum 12 Months - Maximum 24 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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